Our Efficient Accounting and Tax Solutions


  • Apply the initial tax registration properly?
  • Make sure tax reports monthly/quarterly/yearly complying with local Tax Department’s requirements?
  • How to prepare accounting books properly to avoid potential risks (before tax inspection)?
  • Need a Representative to work with local tax department for related matters?

  • Need qualified Chief Accountant / Financial Controller to review reports for before submitting to BOD, Shareholders or Tax Department?
  • Need an accounting system with cost saving solution while still provide accounting information for internal and local tax purposes?
  • How to set up management reports support your business decision making?
  • How to avoid material errors in financial reports before submission to BOD, shareholders or local Tax Department?

  • Auditor /Local authorities / Bank: Financial reports complying to Vietnam Accounting Standards
  • Shareholders / Investors: Financial reports complying to International Accounting Standards

Basic Accounting Service

  • Closing financial reports required by local authorities (VAS)
  • Prepare all tax reports monthly, quarterly required by local Tax Department
  • Prepare tax finalization reports yearly
  • Work with auditor for auditing purpose yearly
  • Representative to work with Tax Department

Outsourced Chief Accountant / Financial Controller Services

In addition to work scope of basic accounting service, Financial Controller service comprises:

  • Closing yearly financial reports complying with International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • Set up suitable accounting system for particular business requirements
  • Set up and review management reports for business decision making
  • Supervising works of accounting team

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Tax Services

  • Tax compliance
  • Health check reviews and tax audit support
  • Transfer pricing service
  • Tax ruling and appeal

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Audit and Internal Control Services

  • Audit of the financial statements yearly required by local Tax Department
  • Audit of financial statements for third party use such as loan financing, shareholders or investors
  • Audit of capital finalization of project construction
  • Review financial information to make sure no fraud existed and avoid potential risks

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Payroll Outsourcing Service

  • Set up payroll documentation and procedure: timesheet, payroll worksheet, payment list, pay slip
  • Control payroll process to make sure related tasks are done correctly and timely
  • Handle tasks relating to compulsory social insurance required by local authority
  • Handle tasks relating to Personal income tax (PIT) required by local Tax Department

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  • Access our professional team who has experienced from Big4 or big FDI firms (Not normally found in small companies)
  • Our experiences working with local Tax Department and Authorities
  • Practical solutions with cost effective manner for long-term cooperation
  • You will NOT incur remarkable costs below:
    • Purchasing office equipment and license of accounting software
    • Time and expenses for staff recruitment
    • Procedures on registration and payment the local insurance, personal income tax for employees
    • Cost of local social insurance and personal income tax (about 32%)
    • Avoid situation: Sick leave, maternity leave, stop working
    • Working space cost and other staff benefits

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