HR Services


Payroll Services

  • Set up payroll system: Payroll worksheet, payment list, payroll journals
  • Calculate salary, insurances monthly based on data provided by Client
  • Working with Social Department:
    • Register new staff, changing staff, stop working
    • Prepare all reports relating to Social Department
    • Checking social insurances payment result and reconcile with company data
  • Personal income tax (PIT):
    • Register PIT code for new staff
    • Register PIT deduction with Tax Dept
    • Calculate PIT liabilities
    • Prepare PIT report monthly, PIT finalization based on tax law
    • Solutions to save Personal income tax

Executive Search & Selection

We will work with you to understand clearly your job requirements to ensure your expectations are met with the skills, experience and career direction of our candidates.

Key benefits when using our Executive Search and Selection service:

  • We can select and invite the most suitable talent to join your company
  • You can save money with a defined budget of labor cost
  • With our assistance, you will save time a lot for administrative and recruitment works
  • The recruitment process is confidential so your competitors and your staff do not know you are hiring
  • With a right talent for business needs, this service can add value to your company development.